Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 28, 2008: Bronson's1st Birthday

Yeah, Bronson is ONE!!!!


You are such an amazing little guy. Each day that I get to be your mommy I am overwhelmed by the deep and indescribable love that I have for you. You are such a special little guy. I woke up the morning of your birthday and felt very strongly that the day was going to be full of celebration. Yes, we were celebrating the day of your birth, but more importantly the fact that you are an answer to my biggest prayer. I have always wanted to be a mommy and you are such a wonderful son. I am so happy to have you in my life. A few things that you should remember about your first birthday...we spent the morning taking professional pictures with your cousin, Olivia. We then tried to get you to take a nap, but you wouldn't. We threw you a gigantic birthday party where you were surrounded by 50 of your closest family and friends. Everyone loves you little man. Your birthday theme was Curious George. Daddy and I call you our little monkey man, because of your fondness for monkeys and your curious personality. We were so overwhelmed with all of the people that attended your party. We were once again reminded of the support that we have in raising you. You will always be provided an ample amount of love and attention from your family and friends. Mommy was deeply touched when two of your aunties made very special gifts. One a plate with all of your NICU pictures and the other a card written for your brother Jackson. I was glad that she recognized that you have a brother. I do not want you to live in the shadow of Jackson, yet I want you to know that you are an answer to prayer and such a miracle. Bronson, you amaze me. Continue to grow and strive for success!!! You intensity and affection are one of a kind!!! I love you Baby!!!

Love your mommy

For all of you:

-18 pounds, 3 ounces
-27 1/4 inches long (More than double his birth height)
-He says lots of words, but his favorite is da-da
-He loves to kiss and hug his family
-He has just started trying milk and is doing SOOO Good!!!
-His favorite activity in all the world is playing with daddy.
-He doesn't like car rides and requires someone to sit in back with him
-He doesn't crawl, but cruises all over the house