Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Highlights

You might think that my life has too much stress and not enough fun, but one of my favorite things to do is to take pictures and I realize while going through these pictures that I have way more blessings than sorrows. My family is beautiful, loving, and kind. We have made some wonderful memories in 2014.
Fight Night at OSU Boxing Club with the boys January 2014

Ashley cuts her hair to get ready for chemo January 2014

Giant snow storm in Blodgett, Oregon February 2014

Jace turns 2 February 2014

My BBQ lovin' boys get matching shirts February 2014

Ashley and I try on wigs February 2014

I speak at Fashion Show for March of Dimes February 2014

Kandis and I go to coast for Girl's weekend end of February 2014

Fight Night March 2014

Three generations of bike riders March 2014

Henley is born in March 2014

While on a business trip I travel to Disneyland by myself April 2014

Capturing the magic April 2014

Ashley was life-flighted to OHSU while I was gone to LA...stopped close to midnight to see her April 2014

Spent a Girl's Night with some of my lovely small group girl April 2014

Oaklen turns 3

Easter 2014

March for Babies 2014 with my WHOLE family

Kyle spends a week in the hospital May 2014

Bronson graduates kindergarten May 2014

Dad gets his first tattoo June 2014

Jace and Bronson fall in love June 2014

I coordinate Nathan and Whitney's wedding June 7, 2014

I go to Washington with Summer and Kandis to see a concert June 2014

WOU Graduation June 2014

Cousin picture attempt June 2014

Cousin sleepover June 2014

Wedding proposal June 2014

First hike with Bronson doing it all himself, Silver Creek Falls July 2014

Freedom Fest BBQ July 4, 2014: We hosted a big party too!

Daddy and B went to lots of car shows, Corvette placed 1st at Dallas Car Show

Bronson enjoys BBQ at Pacific City, July 2014

Lexi and her family joined us at Pacific City July 2014

Sisters Weekend July 2014

March of Dimes Night at Corvallis Knights Game August 2014

Ann and Bill got a 5th Wheel

Andreas was born in August 2014

I met Jeremy Camp at Fishfest August 2014

Dad got us backstage passes to Fishfest August 2014

Family Roadtrip August 2014

Crater Lake, August 2014

Austin and James got married, August 31, 2014

My handsome boys at Austin's wedding

Small Group Fun Day at Oaks Park, September 2014
Bronson started 1st grade

I turned 33 at the coast, September 2014

Chaperoned Bronson's zoo trip, October 2014

Airlie Farms October 2014

Road the Max, Work Trip October 2014

Women's Retreat October 2014

Bronson and I dressed like Zombies, October 2014

Hosted Thanksgiving for 35 people, November 2014

Participated in CCS Parade December 2014

Christmas 2014

Storybook Land December 2014
All of the girls with their guys, Christmas Eve 2014

Santa came Christmas 2014
Celebrated 11 years at the coast, December 2014

Still in love, 11 years later