Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

Parenting a 4 year old...

Do you ever have one of those days when a thousand and one thoughts are floating through your head and you can't really focus on any certain idea or concept? Today is one of those days. I think that it started out with having to put my 4 year old son in time-out twice in the 20 plus minutes that we get to spend with each other in the morning. My mood fluctuated from serious frustrated to trying not to laugh despite myself all in the span of a very few seconds. I really dislike the sassy stage that Bronson is going through right now. I know that I might be putting too much stress on myself at times, but I always worry about the way I am parenting him right now and how it will affect him in the future. I think that he seems rather content in his normal daily life and I hear that he is a "perfect angel" for others, but he has such an attitude towards me and sometimes Kyle. Apparently I am a mean mommy who "always yells." I asked him what yelling is and he replied with it is someone that always tells him what to do.

I would agree that I probably do give him more commands than his father, but I am the one who gets him ready every morning (his worst time of the day) and normally finishes the night-time routine. These are not easy tasks for a child that doesn't go to sleep early and wishes he could stay in bed until noon. I am not really looking for advice, but using this as a sharing session for my frustrations at this stage of parenting. It is a not an easy one, but still remains the most rewarding position I have. Despite his little outbursts of rudeness there is nothing like watching his little legs pedal around our cul-de-sac on a bike that he still is a little too small for.

Another thought...

When trying to lose weight...hang out with your skinny friends. This might sound kind of lame, but surround yourself with people that are going to support your weight loss journey and will not tempt you to eat/do things that you shouldn't. One of my close work friends is so health conscious that I would NEVER EVER buy a doughnut around her. I don't think that there has been a time in the past 6 months that I have indulged in something I shouldn't have with her. This is a very healthy decision for me as I spend a lot of my coffee/lunch breaks with her. It is also okay to ask for your significant other to help be the food police. It keeps you honest. Kyle has been slacking a bit on policing me, but I still could never fully indulge in sugar without a little look from across the table. I appreciate this as I continue to try to figure out what is healthy for me and my lifestyle. I am still down 20 and holding. It has been over 2 weeks since I have lost any weight. I think it might have been the cheated doughnut that I had with another friend a couple of weeks ago or the lack of willpower that I have had for staying away from coffee. I started 3 days ago back into the strictness of my previous program and  I have to say I do feel better.

Last thought...(at least that I will write about)

I hope that my hubby has an amazing Father's Day. This is the 2nd year in a row that I have gotten the weekend to myself on Father's Day. WOU's graduation always happens to land on this weekend and I get to work. Kyle doesn't want to wait around the house for me, so he makes more exciting plans. This weekend he is going to Redmond to visit his 91 year old Grandpa. I know that it will be a busy weekend for him, but I am really looking forward to a time of relaxing and catching up with some of my girlfriends. Since he doesn't read this blog I can say that his gifts will include a wonderfully clean house when he returns along with a home cooked dinner of seafood.

Bronson trying out his new slip n' slide

Yes, it was very cloudy

Relay for Life 2012

Walking for my sister, Ashley Sult