Our Story

I wish that our story went boy met girl, they fell in love and lived happily ever after. Our story includes elements of this, but goes back to the 6th grade. We did not love each other at first sight. I believe that my mom mentioned sometime towards the end of my 8th grade year that Kyle was the type of guy that I should marry someday. The thought really disgusted me at first. Our sophomore year we became pretty good friends and I found that the two of us could spend hours on the phone having a conversation. The year was 1996 and long hair for guys was kind of in style. I didn't like it. I think that I mentioned to Kyle that he would look so good if he cut his hair. I will never forget seeing him getting into the front seat of my friend's car with short hair. It was the first time that my heart did a flip when I looked at him. The rest of our high school relationship went pretty much like any other small town relationship; we spent massive amounts of time walking back and forth to each others' homes and more minutes on the phone than our parents would have liked.

In college things became more serious as we got engaged in 2001. We made the promise to our parents that both of us would finish our degrees before we said, "I do." We said our vows exactly 2 weeks after Kyle finished his last class at Western Oregon University. We were married December of 2003. Kyle and I both began working jobs that kept us busy and motivated. My burning desire to have children began the minute that we got married. Kyle kept the faith that we would have kids in God's timing and that we shouldn't rush into anything.

I began my master's program at Western Oregon University in 2005 and graduated in 2006. Two weekends after I participated in commencement we found out that we were expecting. Our world took on a whole new path when we discovered on July 26, 2007 that we were expecting identical twins. Our pregnancy was pretty normal despite being sick. At our 20 week ultrasound it was discovered that our babies had some minor growth problems. After a month on bedrest our sweet baby boy Jackson went to heaven. I carried both boys for an additional 6 weeks when Bronson was born at 2 lbs, 3.4 ounces at 29 1/2 weeks and Jackson was born still. We spend each day counting our blessings.

Bronson spent 60 days in the NICU and never required any further breathing support than 8 hours of C-pap. He is now a healthy and thriving 3 year old boy that keeps us on our toes. Both of believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. We are thankful for our church family and provide support to organizations such as March of Dimes.