Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well other news. We are buying a house. We close on the 15th of this month and won't get possession until the 18th. Our plan is to have hardwood floors installed that next month and be able to start moving in the weekend after Thanksgiving. We are super excited about this little adventure and feel so blessed to be able to buy this home. Everything has went so smoothly and it has really helped to have such good friends helping us through this journey. Our great friend Amy has made this experience so easy and really dealt with a lot from my dear husband. I think that we have probably looked at over 20 houses, but I know that we are making the best decision. This will be affordable for us and also allow for me to not stress too much about work once our little babies get here.

The Expected Miracle

I decided to coin the title from one of our Associate Pastor's most recent sermons. This last one really impacted me. One comment that really stuck with me is why are we so surprised when God performs miracles? Why do we keep asking God to show us a miracle or losing faith when it doesn't seem to be working out our way? If we look back we will be able to note many instances of miracles being made by God. I could really go into the whole sermon that he did, but I guess that mostly I needed to hear that I need to take a moment out of my day and thank Jesus for what He has done for me.

I haven't written in this blog for awhile, so I guess the first bit of news is that we are not pregnant with just one little blessing, but are expecting two little boys. Kyle and I are so very excited for these little guys to come. God is sooo great. When I heard the phrase the expected miracle it made me take a moment to think of where I was just a year ago. I remember laying in our bed one night crying my eyes out after finding out that yet another friend of mine was pregnant. I had been told just six months after getting married that I had a severe case of Endometriosis and that if we didn't try to get pregnant soon there might not ever be a chance for us to have kids. Well, instead of following my husband's example and being led by faith I began to believe that I would never have kids. I became very angry that my husband kept pushing the idea of having kids to the side. I thought that he was basically playing rush and roulette. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a trial that I would go through to see that God really does answer prayer and that if you fully rely on God he will answer your prayers.

Every time that I would have one of my melt downs my husband would gently rub my back and tell me that regardless of how I was feeling that he knew deep down that God would provide us with children the way that He saw fit. He never got upset or told me that I was being unreasonable, he just kept saying...Now, is not the time Amber!!! God will let us know when it is His time. Well, it was probably about a year ago that I let this get to a huge ugly head. I was really depressed so many people were popping up pregnant. I had a little niece on the way and I was totally excited, but wondered if I would ever experience the same joy. My husband kept telling me, I am still praying and we will have kids.

Well, look at our miracle today. We weren't entirely trying to have children and then boom on the same day that our house sold we found out that God had given us a miracle. I was soooo overwhelmed to find out that I was pregnant. Four weeks later when we found out that we were pregnant with twins, Kyle said the most amazing thing to me. (He still wasn't entirely ready to start a family.) He leaned over in the car and said, "Well, I guess that our babies will really know that they were planned. God planned all of this. Not only did He want us to have a baby, but he has blessed us with two little babies, just like you always wanted. Isn't God amazing?" Kyle was overjoyed at the prospect of having two babies.

Finding out that we are having boys has made this journey even more amazing. I always assumed that I would only have girls, so I was really shocked to find out that we are having two little boys. I am already referring to them as the boys!!! I can't wait for them to come. I just have to once again say that God is sooo good to us!!!