Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Plans

Our little boy graduated Kindergarten in May. It is still hard to believe that he will start first grade in the fall. We were thankful that he made it to graduation as the very next day he became very ill and spent the next six days vomiting and having us try to control his raging fever. I felt very bad for him as he missed his field trip, end of year party, and saying goodbye to his friends. Prior to his graduation his daddy had spent four days in the local hospital, so our end of May was very dramatic in the sense of illness. I am glad to have the month of May over!

Our Summer is going to be a busy one. My boss approved me to work four ten hour shifts, so I will be having three day weekends the entire summer. Bronson will also be spending every Wednesday and Friday with his Yaya so he gets to do some fun stuff. I am so thankful for this extra time that we will spend together. We haven't completed our bucket list yet, but I plan to follow my colleague's lead and make most of the items easy and inexpensive. I think our biggest splurge will be a miniature road trip around Oregon. We planned to take a full seven days to complete this trip, but had to restructure after the lengthy two week "illvacation" we both took last month.

My plan is to take this summer to read, write, and regroup. My soul needs relaxation, sun, and lots of time cuddling my loved ones. Perhaps part of my soul therapy will be more blog posts!