Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Reason I Walk

I walk for March of Dimes for many reasons. Today I would like to share the deepest reason that I walk. When you lose a child at any stage of life it changes you. You never entirely heal from the loss, but you do learn to live with the pain. Somedays the memories of the loss are stronger than others. Today is one of those days that I felt like sharing. As I was walking to coffee with two friends I realized that one of the friends was not familiar with my story. It is hard to explain to someone that hasn't known you for the past 5 years that your life besides your wonderful 4 year old son is a little more complicated than that. How do you explain to someone that you actually have two children? How do you explain that in heaven there is a little boy waiting for you that might look exactly like his brother on earth? I was looking up my name on google today and happened upon my son's obituary and as it always does it took my breath away. My son was a real baby. He was perfectly formed. He was born on the same day as his brother and will forever be remembered. Please consider joining the good cause of March of Dimes.