Monday, March 14, 2011


A couple of months I nominated my wonderful husband to be Superdad in a magazine. I just got word that he won and will be in the magazine for April/May issue. When I get the link I will post it, but for now I wanted to share what I wrote for the nomination. These are the words of my heart for my husband. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner!

My husband is a super dad for many reasons. After nearly 14 years of being with this guy he still rocks my world. We have been through some of the hardest times and he still manages to go through life with a smile and a super tender heart towards our son. In December of 2007 I gave birth to Jackson, stillborn and his twin brother Bronson over 10 weeks early. My husband laid by my bedside for the week that I was in the hospital and drove back and forth to Eugene every single day of the 60 days that Bronson spent in the NICU. His daily reward was the chance to provide kangaroo care for our precious son. I have so many pictures of my husband holding our barely 2 pound boy. When my friends threw me a baby shower while Bronson was still in the hospital, Kyle made a huge deal out of it being the first daddy/son day for them. He bathed him, read to him, and held him the entire day. This man was the model parent for the NICU.

The tasks of my husband since our homecoming have not gone unnoticed. He works extremely hard for our family and provided me the ability to be a part-time stay at home mommy until our son was 18 months old. My son’s best friend in the whole world is his daddy. This man that works out every single night puts his workouts out on hold until after he has bathed, read, and sang our son to sleep every night. They share many special songs that only the two of them know the lyrics. My son even refers to his daddy as the “Big Daddy” and himself as the “sweet child of mine.” These two guys melt my heart.

Kyle’s entire focus is his family. He would do anything in the world for either of us and prides himself in providing a loving and nurturing environment. He does his fair share of sick duty, cleaning, and cuddles. I would love for him to be recognized for the special part that he plays in both of our lives. He provides the solid foundation that I need to be able to work full-time and volunteer. He stands beside me as we both volunteer each year to raise money for March for Babies. He is always the first one to call me from work if he hears that someone needs anything whether it is a meal or just prayer. His heart is super sensitive and he doesn’t go a day without realizing the blessings of our lives and praying for those that have less. My husband is the 100 percent package: looks, personality, and best of all a very kind heart that loves our little boy with every ounce of his fiber.

Friday, March 4, 2011