Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love Language

 What is your spouse's love language? If you don't know the answer to this question, please consider reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Kyle and I were made to read this for a health class in an undergraduate health course and I am so glad. I am very aware of Kyle's love language and now that by complimenting him (Words of Affirmation) his love tank will be full for days.

What is a way that you can fill up your spouse's love tank today?

Words of Affirmation: send a simple text to let them know a quality that you love.

Physical Touch: Give them an extra long hug or initiate some alone time together

Receiving Gifts: Stop by Safeway on your way home and buy a simple bouquet of flowers for no reason at all.

Quality Time: Put the kids to bed early and snuggle up on the couch together to read scripture or perhaps talk about your day. It is amazing how many days might go by before you make this special time for one another.

Acts of Service: (My strongest love language) Go out of the norm on this one...If you don't normally do the laundry consider folding a load or even better help him/her put the laundry away.

Don't let your marriage get into a rut. Date your spouse. Make them feel loved. Don't complain about something that you aren't willing to put the work into yourself.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Walk for a baby you love

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I will always march...

For the first time since I began "marching for babies" I am a bit worried over raising at least $1000. It has come so easy for our team in the past to raise above and beyond that. This year our team has been hit SUPER hard. We have dealt with cancer, pregnancies, health issues, financial issues, and loss of very special loved ones. It has been a year from complete H$%% for many of my team members including myself.

A couple of my co-workers and friends have asked me if I thought about possibly taking the year off from March for Babies because I have so much on my plate. I will be honest in saying that I really have released so many of my expectations of raising $5000, but I will NEVER stop walking for my babies.

The minute that I left the hospital after 60 days in the NICU with my little boy in his car seat I knew that I wanted to do something for the positive from his experience. I also wanted something that we could do as a family each year to honor and remember our son Jackson. We never had a funeral or memorial service for our little angel so it is extremely important to me that I have a day a year that is devoted to doing something for him. It also means the world to me to have my family and friends give me a hug and remind me that they remember him. There is nothing more healing than having my loved ones acknowledge that I am the mommy of two.

I joke with Kyle sometimes that I will be Marching for Babies until the day I die. Bronson might be pushing me in a wheelchair, but it would only be fitting since the first two 10K's I carried him nearly the whole way. Please think about blessing our team with a donation today or choose to take it a step further and walk with us. We appreciate all of our donors!