Thursday, January 15, 2009


I wanted to make a quick note about a small thing with Bronson. My son doesn't hold his own bottle. He is able to hold his own bottle, but chooses not to. Does this bother me? NO!!! My mom mentioned this earlier this week that she had just realized that he was over a year old and still didn't hold his own bottle. I reminded her that I was well aware of this and didn't find a problem with it. When he wants to do something himself he will easily lift his sippy cup up for drinks or get a quick drink from his bottle when I am not watching.

To me, feeding your baby is one of the best experiences in the world. Unfortunately because of Bronson's prematurity he has never been a nursing baby. He gets all the benefits of breast milk straight from a bottle. I just take all of these feeding moments as a bonding time that I get the benefit of having. The only time that his lack of holding his own bottle bothers me is when we are traveling long distances and I have to pull over or sit beside him to hold his bottle. He cracks me up on his stubbornness!!! Also just a side note there are no plans to break the bottle habit any time soon. He is too little.