Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 27, 2008

A special place
12-27-2008, Let's chose the path that God has led us

Proud parents of Bronson and Jackson, 5th anniversary 12-27-08


Marks our 5th wedding anniversary. Kyle and I had a surprisingly wonderful anniversary celebration despite the agenda of the day. I couldn't imagine my life without Kyle by my side. He is such a wonderful person and makes me want to be a better person. I am so happy that God led me to be Kyle's wife. He always makes me feel special and loved. We have had a really rough last year, but continue to be strong in our faith and deep love for each other.

We chose to spend our anniversary spreading the ashes of our precious son, Jackson. I was very anxious for the day; hoping that the weather would not spoil our plan. God once again provided for us and let us have an extremely intimate and wonderful experience. Kyle and I first visited the location of where he proposed to me December 22, 2001 (Cape Foulweather) and then decided to find a location that would be close in proximity to that site, yet very private. It was amazing that we were led to an extremely peaceful part of the Oregon Coast and were the only ones on the beach as we shared a very special moment. I was overcome with love for my husband as he led us in prayer for thanksgiving of our angel Jackson and for God giving us the opportunity to raise Bronson in a Christian home. Kyle poured his heart out as we walked hand in hand into the deep and freezing ocean to release Jackson's precious ashes. I am so happy with our decision and feel at peace with this extremely important day.

I am glad that we chose our anniversary to release Jackson's ashes. God is providing both of us with such healing in our time of sorrow. The day went very smoothly and I have felt a small part of closure in this process of grief. Thanks again for all of your prayers; we are so blessed to have such a supportive group of family and friends.