Sunday, September 28, 2008

9 months old!!!

Hello Family and Friends- Can you believe that Bronson is a whole 9 months old? For once I am actually able to get this email out on the actual day of his 9 month birthday. Today was a beautiful day outside and we took full advantage of the beautiful weather to get some outside pictures taken of Bronson in the front yard. Kyle is working like crazy on our new fence. We are so happy that we are finally able to start this project. We want our whole back yard to be enclosed and before we only had three sides covered. We hope that this finds all of you happy and healthy. We are sure enjoying this wonderful weather and watching our son grow into such a wonderfully happy baby. Here are some recent stats of Mr. Bronson:

  • He weighs 15 pds, 13 ozs

  • He is almost 25 inches tall

  • HE CAN SIT UP ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!! (Major accomplishment)

  • He has started eating solids and loves green beans and bananas

  • He is spending lots of time with family lately and loves all of them so much

  • He decided after spending the day with Olivia that he is now a paci (pacifier) baby (not so much before)

  • No he doesn't crawl, he could care less

  • No new words, but the most amazing thing of all he can do patty cake all by himself

  • He is now on the tail end of his 1st bad cold since the NICU, he has a great immune system and has done much better than mommy with this cold. I am so happy that he is so healthy.