Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8 Months Old

Hello Family and Friends-

Yes, Bronson is 8 whole months old this month. We are amazed that in a little less than four months we will be celebrating his 1st birthday. I don't know why, but with the change of months and Kyle and my upcoming birthdays we have been thinking a lot about our little guy's birthday party. We are looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays with him. On September 1st I took advantage of the weather change and decided to decorate for fall. Not Halloween, but fall. I love this time of year and want Bronson to have some sort of tradition with all of the harvest decorations. Kyle is really looking forward to dressing Bronson up in his monkey costume. I have to admit, it is going to be really cute. We are also looking forward to taking him to his first OSU football game. Here are the monthly stats:

-He weighs 15 pounds exactly (not much growth since last update, but he is still growing)
-He is 24.5 inches long
-He is trying to sit up, we have been given instructions on how to help
-He went swimming for his 1st time this last month
-He loves oatmeal and had avocado for the first time tonight and loved it too
-He loves his new walker
-He has been over the pass to Sunriver/Redmond quite a bit in his tiny life and loves it
-No teeth yet, we thought we had a break thru, but it was fake
-He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but I can't wait to break out the next size even if they are way too big