Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saying goodbye to baby things

Okay , so it was probably harder for me than him, but we are slowly starting to put Bronson's "baby things" in storage. Yes, he is still a baby, but many of his things are becoming way too small for him. It became official that we had to put the moses basket away this week after he displayed his superman skills. He was sitting right across the room from me when he decided to jump ship and land on the hardwood floors. No worries, he wasn't harmed, just scared a lot. That night we took some pictures of one of his favorite places to nap and it got put away. It was kind of sad as I took the pictures he acted like it was one of his fondest places to be too. Tears are gone now, but more will come as we slowly watch our baby become a beautiful little toddler.

It will come all too soon since we heard this week that his best bud Ayden is on the move. We are slowly starting to child proof our house in hopes of the mover that Bronson will soon be.