Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2011: Zoo Trip

Model in the making

Bronson and Olivia

Apparently the tie and shirt were too much after lunch
Easter 2011

Mom, are you kidding me?
I love Easter because I can celebrate the reason that I am alive and forgiven; Jesus Christ. The mommy part of me loves to dress up my baby boy and take him to church. This year for Easter we went to our incredible Good Friday Service, a wonderful Easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday, and lunch with my mom on Sunday after church. Easter dinner was done at Ann and Bill's. It seems that we have quite the tradition of dressing our son cute for Easter's past and doing eggs. Last year we had an incredible time, but kept away from church on Easter because of the cold/flu season. My sister was set to deliver any day and we had to be careful about bringing any germs. This year was an action packed weekend, but we enjoyed every minute of it. I will post some pictures later of our Easter egg hunt, but felt that everyone would want to see my little cutie pie.