Thursday, April 19, 2012


10mos, Bronson

Today is one of those days as a WFHM that I really wished I could just for a day be a SAHM. I miss my little boy like crazy. Four years old is such a genuine age of love and compassion. Bronson gives the best hugs and I have the best conversations with him right before he drifts off to sleep. I love the last little minutes before his eyes close that he shares with me his daily activities and engages me in his inside thoughts and feelings. My heart is bubbling over with love for my little boy. Kyle and I continue to stare across our dinner table at each other in awe of this blessing that God has given us. I feel so abundantly full of love for my son. I feel that this love that we feel for our children is just a mere glimpse of the love that Jesus must have felt for us as he prepared to die on the cross for each and everyone of our sins. The joy of parenthood has been one of my biggest reminders of God's love for me.