Friday, April 27, 2012

Date Nights

After 8 1/2 years of marriage I find that it is extremely important to place an emphasis on finding a time for date night. It becomes even more important for a relationship to find time for each other after you have kids. Kyle and I often find ourselves reminding Bronson that Mommy and Daddy need time to talk to each other because just like we love him, we love each other. He is slowly starting to get the concept that Mommy and Daddy are an "item."

In 1997 when Kyle and I started dating it was a whirlwind of emotions. It is really hard to explain the intensity of the feelings I immediately felt for Kyle. I remember telling him that I originally couldn't date him because I knew that if I started dating him I would end up marrying him. It seemed kind of crazy for a 15 year old to be muttering those words, but I knew that Kyle was the complete package and saw that he would provide exactly what someone should look for in a relationship; honesty, integrity, compassion, and genuine love. Slowly, but surely our friendship turned into something else and Kyle spent the greater part of 3 1/2 years (high school and first years of college) providing me many romantic gestures/gifts. The above picture is one of the many things that he made for me as a gift. The list of home-made items made by Kyle include, a memory box for all of our dating memorabilia, a jewelry box, this frame, key chains, and many poems. Kyle showed me a very romantic side of himself that at 15-18 years old I thought would never end. I am here to say that if I held on to the notion that romance was what made our relationship, ours wouldn't be half of what it is today.

As seniors in high school one of our teachers assigned us the task of writing letters to ourselves and to our loved ones of what we would be doing 10 years later. The teacher would then mail them out to us on our 10 year reunion. I will never forget reading the letter from my 18 year boyfriend (Kyle) the weekend before our 10 year high school reunion. The last line said, "By now you and I are living one of the greatest love stories this world has ever known." How true those words were written by an 18 year old kid in love with his high school girlfriend. The lines reminded me that even though my husband might not have the time to make me things or write romantic love poems, he remains the most romantic man I know. He is ALWAYS there for me. He never for one minute shrugs his responsibility and love for our son. He has been my rock through some of the hardest times in my life.

Kyle remains my best friend in all of the world. Last night was one of our date nights. I knew more than anything that he would love a date night that included one of his hobbies; working out. I reluctantly agreed to join him at the local gym and after a nice dinner at our favorite local dinner spot we worked out from 9-10:30. It was one of the best dates we have had in a long time. We got lots of time to talk about things that were on our hearts, cuddle on the couch, and work up a sweat at the gym. I reminded him that he is the reason I am so driven to succeed on my health journey. I want to work hard to be back to my original healthy lifestyle. We both made a few comments about the night reminding us of high school. We used to spend many nights going to the local gym to work out. It was fun to have that reminder, but to realize that after all the romance fizzles out or gets pushed to the side, what keeps a couple strong is their love and commitment to each other. Kyle, I will love you for the rest of my life.