Sunday, November 2, 2008

We passed our goal!!!

Congratulations, April Chapman!!! Winner of the quilt raffle.
Uncle Jason came over to help with Bronson during the day

Uncle Jimmy wanted his own balloon

Auntie Christen, BF Ayden, and Auntie Summer all getting ready!!!

Uncle Jimmy and Daddy needed bibs too!!! Showing OSU spirit...

Look at all the fun stuff

More cute items

Thank you to everyone that was able to come and visit at our 1st annual Jackson Deets Memorial Fundraiser. We were overwhelmed by the support and love that we all received. Kyle and his friends even managed to have a few laughs in the midst of being in a salon surrounded by baby items for 2 hours. We have been so blessed to have such great family and friends support us during this past year. There was a very specific reason that we decided to hold this event in November. In November of 2007 we were busy going to baby showers and getting things ready for the upcoming arrival of our two boys. It was November 20th that we found out that we would only be bringing one of our baby boys home. Being the event planner and organizer that I am, I decided to make this month super busy by holding an annual event. Rather than dwell on November being a sad month; let's make it an annual fundraiser month. This year all funds that were collected are being donated in Jackson's name to March of Dimes. Kyle has already decided that next year all funds will be donated to the Eugene Guest House. This is the organization that housed us for nearly two months while we stayed in Eugene. If we would have had to pay our whole bill it would have exceeded $4000, yet they gladly took our small donation and didn't even blink. We were extremely blessed to have such an awesome organization available for us during our NICU stay.

Well, I guess that you are all eager to hear how last night's even went; we aren't done yet. We have a few items that are still available to purchase and a few donations on their way in the mail. Yet, we have already exceeding my expectations and then some. Last night we raised over $1100!!! It brought tears to my eyes to know that we were able to raise this much money for such a wonderful organization. Now it is time to get your feet ready for the March of Dimes/March for babies walk in April. We want to have a huge team of supporters out there walking on behalf of our two sons. Let me know if you would like to walk and I will get your t-shirt made. It will be the last Saturday in April. We are super excited to spend some time reflecting on all of our wonderful blessings this past year. It is much better to dwell on the good, rather than the bad!!! God bless you all and thanks so very much-Amber

Quick bit of information: If you would like to make a donation or buy an item, please contact me. We are still raising funds for our team until April. All items that are not purchased by February will be donated to the Philomath Baby Bank.