Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Something to share...

I was recently reading a blog of one of my friends and noticed that she apologized for posting too many pictures of her children. I won't apologize, for I see my blog as a place to journal and lucky for others that get to look in on my personal thoughts and see what I post. Bronson is the most important little guy in my life and I want there to be a record for him to look at one day and see how much both of his parents love him. I love being able to look back at some of my older posts and to see how much he has grown and the little things that we over look as we watch him grow. Lately we have noticed by looking at earlier pictures that he went through quite a chubby stage. We have also noticed that he is growing hair more quickly lately and Auntie Ashley is waiting in line for his first haircut. (She may have to wait a long time.)

I am posting a quick blog to share a special video of our little guy that I found while looking through our family pictures. It was too cute not to share...What a change he has made since this...Kyle still says that it is hard from him to look at NICU pictures. Tears do sometimes make their way upon my face when I look at pictures, but I find myself being especially grateful for all that God has done.