Monday, November 24, 2008

Man, we have changed!!!

Bronson showing off his mad standing skills
Our "messy" boy

Our friends always told us that things would change once we had a baby, but I never guessed to what extent. Tonight was a true testament of how much the clean freak couple has changed. I let go of all thoughts of keeping my house spic and span and handed Bronson a cracker in his once pristine walker. Kyle mentioned that we should take the steering wheel off and let him use the eating tray for what it was designed to do. He also mentioned that we should give him some cheerios too. It was my wise idea to give him some white rice to feed to himself. Well, you can guess what happened next...a true 100% mess. In the midst of stripping him down to remove the huge mess we also discovered that he had a wonderful surprise in his diaper and that maybe that was the reason for his fussing all through dinner. He wasn't wanting more food; he was wanting a clean diaper. The clean up job for this dinner lasted over an hour, but I think it prepared us that this is only the beginning of messes to come. As Thanksgiving approaches I am so thankful for a little boy to have in my house to make messes, I welcome each and every future mess. (I know that sooner or later I will retract this statement, but for now I am looking forward to them.)