Sunday, June 29, 2008

Six Months Old

Hanging out with his friend Ayden
At the car show with his buddy Brandon and Auntie Christen

Way too cute of a face not to share

Gotta love the smiles of these two cousins

Six month bear shot

He fell asleep in the car on the way out to lunch
Daddy walking his boy in the park

Mommy and Bronson playing out front on a nice day

Playing with his toys out in the front yard

Happy Father's Day Honey, we love you...

Well, Bronson has officially hit the half year mark. The planner that I am is making me panic a little about planning his first birthday. You may think that I am kidding, but a lot has to go into this because of it's close proximity to Christmas and our five year anniversary. Kyle and I are in complete awe over the leaps and bounds that Bronson has made in the past six months. To think that when he was born he could literally fit in the palm of Kyle's hands and now he can actually make my arms a little tired if he insists on bouncing for too long. Well, here are the newest stats of our little miracle baby...
  • He is 13 lbs, 1.5 ounces
  • 23 inches long
  • Done with hernia surgery, one more corrective surgery
  • He can touch the floor when he sits in his jumperoo
  • He went to his first car show and LOVED IT!!!!
  • He says mama
  • He is in complete love with all of his Aunties, it doesn't matter which one but he loves to snuggle up with an Auntie. Ash made him laugh out loud first with her wild and crazy bee song
  • He loves his cousin Olivia and seems to want to take walking with her (you have to crawl first Bronson)
  • He now has to take baths in the whole tub because he is such a wiggle worm and won't stay in his baby bath
  • He sleeps 10 hours a night (except the past two nights while we were at Blodgett with Grandpa Huey)
Love to you all-Amber