Friday, June 13, 2008

Angels on Earth

I believe that God has sent me angels to help me on Earth. They have came in many different forms, but most importantly they have came in the forms of some of my great friends. I wish that I had time to write about each and every friend that I have, but this post is mostly to share my appreciation for my friend, Christen.

Christen and I were best friends through out high school and for reasons that both of us don't understand we didn't talk to each other much during our college years. About three years ago, one of my other besties, Jill tried to get us to start hanging out again and we just picked up where we had left off. There hasn't been any bad feelings and I feel that God has given me back a friend that is truly such a treasure.

I have went through so much these past six months and several times when I would have had a meltdown Christen has came to the rescue and picked up the broken pieces. She has been there for me when I went crazy in the hospital from grief and has been there for me when I just needed someone to listen. She reminds me of the friends that Job had in the bible. At times she has just sat by me in silence so that I can grieve. I am so thankful for her.

Today was an awful day, as I am writing this fresh tears come to my eyes. I don't know why I am so emotional. Things are starting to hit me and I feel that somethings just happened to me. I am more stressed about Bronson now that I think I ever was while he was in the hospital. While he was there I knew that he was being taken care of by professionals and there was a security blanket. I know that I am a good mommy to him. I don't doubt that for one minute, I just hate seeing him in pain.

Well, anyways, today I really needed a friend. I talked to several friends today and each one said something encouraging. One friend, Summer is coming to see me tomorrow of which I am so thankful. At about 5pm I called Christen and explained to her that today was a horrible day and said, I know that you have already came over this week, but could you please come over and help me with Bronson. Without hesitation she said yes and drove over to hold my fussy baby. I needed the break. I had to get stuff done and it felt good to be able to relax knowing that he was being held by someone that loves him. Christen doesn't criticize my parenting style or make me feel less of a mom, she is there for me when I need her. I am also thankful that she loves Bronson so much. He loves her too. I just want to thank God for all of the angels that he has placed in my life. Christen, if you read this anytime soon...thanks again.