Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sick Days

You have had a pretty rough patch with illnesses this year. I find that even during these tiring moments of wondering what is wrong with you and if it is anything serious I am becoming a calmer mommy. Before I would have strapped you in the car and ran down to the doctor's office at the first sign of something wrong, but I am now realizing that you are more "normal" than preemie and that despite your very hard start your health/immune system is pretty good.

I know that your daddy and I will struggle to remain calm always when it comes to your health as both of remember the time when you looked at us through plastic and tubes, but we are trying to make your childhood as normal as possible. This past weekend has been pretty rough. Just when we think enough time has passed in between vomiting sessions (over 20 hours) you start throwing up again. I feel in the pit of my stomach a sense of worry, but know that you are in good hands (those of your doctor and more importantly the Lord.)

You are one strong little boy and even when feeling not your best you never stop to tell us that you love us and when feeling a bit better over the weekend spent several minutes making a mommy song to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me." You are the sweetest most precious gift that God could ever give your daddy and I.