Friday, March 23, 2012

No More Quick Stops

Mr. Personality (Requests McDonald's on a Daily Basis)
Tomorrow marks a full month since I have started making healthier choices in regards to eating. It has not been the easiest month of my life, but it is doable. Total pounds lost to date is 12 so I am feeling pretty good about that. I was really hoping to be one pound down so that I could leave this decade of weight behind, but Kyle keeps reminding me that maintenance and perseverance is going to help me get to my goal, not instant gratification. Kyle has been incredibly supportive during this time, but I also wonder how my "diet" is affecting Bronson. He has mentioned the world a couple of times while he is eating his vegetables. Mostly to say, "Mommy, I am on a diet too"  as he munches some green beans. I don't really know how to respond to him with this because I don't want him to think that eating vegetables is only what people on diets to. (To let you know, we have always eaten vegetables, but now it is an every night staple for me.)

Our biggest struggle is making Bronson aware that some of the earlier food choices that we would let him have such as McDonald's are more than likely not going to happen. My child does not have any type of weight problem; however, I do not think that he is needs to consume over processed hyper generated non food items. I don't think that it is going to hurt him to on occasion have a splurge, but I do not want fast food to be a part of his common food vocabulary. I find many people that have a quick response to say that he needs all the calories he can get because he needs to gain weight, but the last time I checked I don't think eating garbage constitutes for healthy nutrition. I am not trying to get on a soap box here, but I really am struggling with converting my healthy lifestyle changes into my child's nutrition. I used to be so hyper vigilant about each and everything that Bronson consumed, but I have found since enrolling him in daycare and having him in other daily activities I have less control over what he eats. His daycare is amazing at getting him to eat lots of nutritious foods and even getting him to eat things that I can't get him to eat at home, but the kid still is begging for McDonald's. I think that he is having withdrawals.

I am unable to make those quick stops. I have taken the advice of my friend and plan ahead. I often have several snacks in my handbag that I can pull out when I am feeling tempted to eat something on the road or to justify stopping for french fries for Bronson. I am hoping that someday soon he stops asking for the unhealthy quick stops and realizes that the snacks I prepare for him are much more tasty.