Monday, March 26, 2012

Birds and the Bees

Saturday was a beautiful day in Dallas. Kyle and I both took full advantage of the weather and took turns taking drives in the Corvette. Kyle and Bronson's drive took several hours as they took a little detour and stopped to play at a local park. After about 2 hours away I thought I would give them a call and I think I have never made my husband more happy with a phone call before. His immediate response was, "Oh, saved by the bell." When I asked him what he meant he said that Bronson had been asking repeated questions about how babies are made and how they get out of their mommies bellies. I asked Kyle what he had said and he just handed the phone to Bronson. I asked Bronson if he got the answer he was looking for, but he still wanted more of an answer. He just kept circling around with his dad's response.

I guess that Kyle told him that babies are made when a mommy and daddy love each other very much and they decide to have a baby by spending some time alone together. He said then mommy gets pregnant and has a baby. When asked again how they get out of the stomach if they don't have a scar like mommy, Kyle explained that some babies come out a different way and just gestured. Bronson seemed satisfied with this answer. As Kyle and I spoke later that afternoon we both couldn't figure out why Bronson kept asking about the Birds and the Bees. I had already given him a similar response earlier in the week. We decided to ask Bronson why he was so curious.

His response made total sense. Well, I know that you said it is when a mommy and daddy really love each other they can make a baby, but what if there is no daddy?AH HA, my kid was totally analyzing the fact that our definition didn't ring true for each and every woman he currently knows that is pregnant. He is obsessed with asking about babies and demands a sibling on a daily basis, but he still can't wrap his head around how they get here. I don't think that either of us are ready to share the entire process with him, but we also feel that our definition might have caused more confusion than answers. Kyle and I both thought we had years before we would be contemplating how to explain this to our son.