Thursday, March 29, 2012

Healthier Me: For My Family

Bronson and I Skyping
When I learned that I was pregnant with Bronson I immediately made changes to my lifestyle. I no longer consumed anything that was deemed unhealthy for pregnant women and of course tried to maintain healthy food choices. There wasn't even an option of "cheating" or ingesting things that would cause any problems for my baby. I was thinking about this as I drove Bronson out to Pee Dee a few days ago. Why is that we as women take such good care of ourselves during pregnancy, but often put our health on the back burner once our children are born? During my nearly 30 weeks of pregnancy I would have done anything to keep Bronson in longer. I would have remained on bed rest for as long as they required. I was so concerned about the health and safety of my babies. I think that it is important that parents also take into consideration their health after the birth of their children.

It is important to remember that taking care of your own health is important to the life of your child. Not only am I happier when I am healthy, but also I can add years to my life by maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. I also don't want to ever be one of those parents that has to avoid being active in Bronson's life because of my health or unhealthy weight. I want to experience each and everyone of his milestones with open arms and relish in the memory without thinking back on avoiding it because of a problem I was having. This has really helped me to remain strong during this personal journey.

The other big motivator for this weight loss has been my husband. Kyle and I started dating when I was 15 years old. I know that I will never and should never be under 100 pounds again, but I do have to acknowledge that my husband originally was attracted to a very thin girl. I know without a doubt that he remains in love with me despite any weight gains, but I also know that it isn't fair to not care about my appearance and weight in the area of my marriage. My husband works very hard to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. He has always been very health and fitness conscience and is one of the most physically fit people that I know. I think that continuing on my get healthy path is one that will continue to help strengthen my overall life, but also add more to my marriage. Kyle is enjoying having me be able to do things with him and hopes that eventually we will be able to work out together. I started doing my workout plan yesterday and hope that I meet the goal of doing more workouts with my husband by the end of summer.