Monday, March 26, 2012

Month One Flies Away

Saturday marked one month down since I started this wonderful life-changing diet plan. I feel amazing. I do recognize that I require an earlier bedtime and my body doesn't allow me to stay up at all hours of the night doing projects, but I don't really mind calling it quits at 9pm. There is really nothing too important that I need to stay up beyond this time.

When I stepped on the scale Saturday morning not only had a reached my official 1st goal, but I was one pound under. I am so glad to be leaving that decade of weight behind. In reality I have lost a total of 14 pounds since starting this journey. One thing that I would like to point out is that I have actually went out to eat on a number of occasions on this diet and still been able to maintain a healthy choice plan.

Two suggestions that I would make to other people in my situation is to right away think about what you can have, rather than focusing on what you can't have. Also, ask the waitress what they have for alternatives from the starchy sides that they normally offer. I was pleasantly surprised last week with some amazing sauteed veggies at North Dallas. Sometimes you will get more flavor by ordering the suggested "lighter" version for a side than you would get by ordering the potatoes or rice. Ruby Tuesday's mashed cauliflower was actually pretty good too.

I am beginning to feel like this "diet" will actually start feeling more like a lifestyle change. I enjoy feeling healthier and seeing the numbers come off on the scale. I think I might actually jump for joy when I lose just 8 more pounds and I thought it would take me until summer to see that number again. I am looking forward to several summer activities that include water sports and I would like to be comfortable wearing shorts/capris this season without having bad body image issues. Bring on Month Two!