Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrific and Thirty

In celebration of the fact that my husband turned 30, I threw him a surprise party complete with family and a few close friends. I have been planning this party for several months and was very sure that he would find out somehow, but fortunately I was successful in keeping the secret. It was so great seeing Kyle's face as he drove up to Jim's house and realized that several people had driven hours to come and celebrate his birthday. I feel that everyone in their life deserves opportunities to be the center of attention and get some recognition for being a great person. It was so nice to be able to help Kyle feel so special. All night he kept repeating, "I can't believe that you did this for me." He was also completely shocked to see one of our groomsmen, Aaron Kathman awaiting his arrival. We realized that we hadn't seen Aaron since before I knew I was pregnant with Bronson. Time goes by way too quickly. Another weird factor is that this is the 15th birthday that I have celebrated with Kyle. In tradition of another friend's blog I will list 30 random things about Kyle:

  1. He has the greatest and most sincere smile.
  2. His favorite title in the entire world is daddy.
  3. He loves BBQ. (We made pulled pork sandwiches for the party.)
  4. He has loves old muscle cars. We still have our 1976 Corvette which he is thinking about selling.
  5. The man is the one of the cleanest individuals I have ever known. He requires a new pillowcase every night.
  6. He has never broken a bone in his body.
  7. He gives the best hugs.
  8. If he loves you, you will always know it. He has a huge heart.
  9. He is extremely funny and has a twisted sense of humor. Some of our friends played with this humor for his birthday.
  10. One of his hobbies is anything with guns. If he is involved in a hobby he likes to know EVERYTHING about the hobby.
  11. He can memorize historical facts about very random things.
  12. Kyle is a wonderful husband.
  13. He sometimes stresses too much.
  14. He could win an award for the best work ethic.
  15. He loves his family.
  16. He loves Jesus.
  17. He takes at least two showers per day, sometimes three.
  18. His favorite place to visit is Hawaii.
  19. His hero is his Grandpa Kerfoot.
  20. He has several best friends because he is one of the best friends you will ever know.
  21. He used to ride motorcycles and do stunts. (So glad he doesn't anymore.)
  22. He will NEVER own a facebook account.
  23. His favorite season is summer.
  24. He can sing well.
  25. He has a soft spot in his heart for babies.
  26. His whole life revolves around his family. (Bronson and myself)
  27. His dream job would be to be in the FBI or Army.
  28. He is my best friend.
  29. I know his love language.
  30. Opening his gifts
    Kyle and Andy
    Beaver's Game November 13, 2010: Horrible Game
    Jill lighting the candles
    Kyle and Bronson on his 30th Birthday
    Waiting for the birthday boy!
    So excited to see his friend Aaron Kathman
    Jill and David waiting in the cold
  31. He is the world's best husband.