Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We took a vacation...

Bronson's special cup

It appears that I actually missed a whole month of blogging. I don't really have anything exciting to use for an excuse, so I will just be honest. I didn't have the time. The transition to working full-time has been a difficult one. I feel that we have finally got a rhythm down that is working for our family and part of that routine is limited computer time. Did I mention that we no longer have satellite in our house either? That has been one of the best financial and family decisions that we have made in a long time. I haven't even missed having the TV around. I will admit that I still watch my two favorite shows via the web, but only if I have the time. Sometimes a week or two might go by before I find the time.

I am taking the time to treasure my family and spend quality time with them. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive husband and find myself thanking God hourly for the blessing of being Bronson's mommy. My life sometimes feels that it can't possibly be anymore blessed. Kyle and I are enjoying the ups and downs of parenting a two year old and learning a lot about each other and ourselves. Parenting has been the most difficult job that I have ever been blessed to have. I just continue to remember that I am parenting for the future and I want my son to grow up with two important things, love for Jesus and love for his family.

Daddy and Bronson at zoo
The girls with Bronson
Our family
Celebrating Papa Cookie's 89th Birthday

To support the title of this blog I must mention that we just got back from a fantastic vacation to Sunriver. I always enjoy our time spent there and it is nice to be able to have weekend to spend with just adults. I enjoy the extra time that I get to spend with Kyle without interruptions. Our little boy has quite the vocabulary and tends to be in the phase of commanding the conversation a lot.

Here is some recent information about Bronson (I know that I am forgetting a ton):
  • Weight is still around 27 pounds
  • He has HUGE feet, size 8 to 9
  • He can pedal his bike and thinks he can swim
  • Loves movies Toy Story, Chipmunks, and his new favorite The Brave Little Toaster referred to as the Vacuum Show
  • Has the following phrases that he says often: i no like that, I am daddy's baby, hold the baby, that is disgusting, are you going to the gym?, I want to ride the gator, go to bed, and pretty much anything else. These are just some of his favorite repeated phrases.
  • Apparently he told his YAYA that something was just terrible this weekend. The things this kid comes up with.
  • He also says that he is "2 years old." I don't know why but it is no longer just 2.
  • This little boy loves his family a ton, but also loves to give us a hard time by saying I don't like so and so or that he doesn't want kisses. Seconds later he will body slam you with hugs and kisses.
I love this little guy beyond words, but will say parenting is quite the test of patience and love. I continue to think of the beginning of my favorite verse, "Love is patient." A reminder to myself!!!!