Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 26th: Homecoming Day

We had a big reason to celebrate Friday. It marked the two year annivesary of bringing Bronson home from the NICU. Lots have changed since that day. I can't believe that he is now 26 months old. Bronson amazes us daily and continues to learn things at a lightening speed pace. Here is some new things about our boy.

-He currently weighs about 26 1/2 pounds

-He favorite toy remains the vacuum

-He is obsessed with the movie Toy Story, but calls it the dog show...he also picked up a new phrase from the movie, "picky,picky,picky"

-He can talk in complete sentences, but his favorite thing is to find cute sayings and repeat them over and over again in perfectly acceptable situations. Some of our favorites are "you gotta be kidding me" "do you have any monies" "you are too funny" and "the mommy, the daddy, and the baby" (He uses this one a lot to tell who is in his family)

-He loves music and making up all types of songs with his daddy

-He is loving his new daycare situation with our dear friend, Kim Re and learns new things daily. She has already helped him learn to count to six.

-He keeps going back and forth on the potty training, but no permanent choice made.

-He is computer savvy and could spend all day searching online for siren sounds, vacuum models, and kid videos.

-He has also noticed the color of his mommy's hair and was pretty sure that the Ronald McDonald on his milk container was an exact image of "the mommy." This has got to be the best joke he has made to date.