Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am Bronson aka Vacuum William Deets

Bronson's vocabulary is exploding! He can say just about anything and with this burst of language has come some very cute things:

  • After being asked what the doctor could do for him, he politely replied, a happy meal...when the doctor suggested apple slices, he corrected him that he wanted french fries.
  • He says, "Hi baby in the mirror."
  • When Kyle asked him what his name is, he stated Vacuum William Deets
  • He tells us that he thinks he is a funny man.
  • In excitement he will either yell, Amen, Vacuum, or Tony (his new favorite friend)
  • He calls Toy Story 1: The Dog Show and Toy Story 2: The Mommy Show
  • He says, Bye Sugar
  • He can repeat anything that we say, his biggest word delicious.
  • He thinks that I look like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Jessie from Toy Story 2.
  • He no longer wants to rock at night and asks to go to bed.
  • He has his prayers memorized at night and if we forget anyone he will remind us. The other night he would not stop praying for a certain family member and when I asked him if he needed extra prayer, he replied with a very loud YES!!!!
  • And one of the cleaner funny things he has said lately is that he didn't want to go to the doctor because he would get his buns...this was after a visit to urgent care when he had to have a rectal termperature check. When we changed his diaper prior to seeing the doctor he kept screaming, no buns, no buns!!!
Hope you have enjoyed some of these cute things from Bronson. As he would say, Goodnight Honey!