Friday, February 19, 2010

A Byer Becomes a Vacuum

It happened overnight; Bronson no longer uses his made up word for vacuum cleaners; "Byer." I have to admit, I miss his little made up language. Almost six months ago he began calling vacuum cleaners a buyer. The only reason that we can think he called them this is because he watched his daddy vacuum up a spider and he couldn't quite say the s sound. Anyways, he has a true obsession with the vacuum and would talk about byers in his sleep. He even saves ads from the newspaper so that he can look at each and every vacuum that is for sale. His Papa Huey taught him that all vacuum's cost $99.99 (Bronson just says 99). This obsession has been very cute and also kind of disturbing. This kid thinks about the constantly.

Last Sunday we left him for a couple of hours with his Auntie Christen and when we returned we realized that he was referring to the vacuum with the correct terminology. It shocked us. Christen said that he had been talking non-stop about the vacuum hose. I think that this is a series of changes that we are about to embark on as our little toddler becomes our little man. I just want to jot these little notes down so that I can remember this weird little obsession that he has.