Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reunion Pics

Shannon and Peyton
Christen, Jim (our bodyguard) and Me

Me, Becca, and Christen

Katie and Reid Capon

Traci and Cassidy Beaver
Me and Mark

Samantha Blythe and her husband Daniel

Rachel, Nathan, and Liam Starr

Mary and her troops

Kandis, Trever and the kiddos

The decorations

Ryan Cole, Mark Robinson, Trisha Clements, and Gabe Mariman

Christen, Nancy, Gabe, Jake, Me, and Cassidy

Me and Becca


The Beavers said...

Katie's husband is Reid:) Cute pics...thanks for posting so quick...I'll try and get mine posted this week!

Deetsgirl said...

Thanks Traci. I will fix that.