Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Year Class Reunion

Yesterday was the big day!!! We celebrated our 10 year class reunion. I had a pretty good time, despite the fact that it kept threatening rain in the morning. Our picnic went well. I think about 40-50 people showed up and some people that we didn't even know were coming showed up. Kyle hadn't been looking forward to it, but ended up having a great time. I think that my favorite thing about the picnic was seeing everyone's children. I tried to get some pictures of the picnic, but for the most part no one wanted to be photographed. I did manage a few that I will share later. Shannon Starwalt (Gerding) brought several photo collages from our senior all night party that her mom had kept. These were a party favorite. If you weren't able to make it I will try sending some pictures that I have from our HS days.

These are the people that showed up for our picnic portion of the event (I hope that I don't miss anyone): Traci (Martin), Cassidy, and Nathan Beaver, Kim Scott and her two children, Kandis (Graves) and Mia Galvan, Shannon, Ryan, and Peyton Starwalt, Stacy Gerding (Koenig) and her husband and 2 kids, Jake and Becca Dorr, Lance Nunn and his new bride, Jesse and Megan Skaggs, Mark Robinson, Mike Dill, Thomas Bates, Kerri Dowless (Christianson) with her children Tanner and Carlie, Jared and Dani Otteniger and their three kids, Rachel Starr (Hinton) with her husband Nathan and son Liam (they have one on the way), Mary Robeson (Wells) and her troops, Christen Oien, Summer Decker (Rohde) her husband Andrew and their children Ayden and Alanna, Mitch Sleeman, Gabe Mariman, Lisa Shroyer (Harwood) with her husband Scott and three children, Jamie Gee (Ziomek) and her kids, Becky and Brad Bennett and their two kids Hannah and Nathan, Samantha Blythe and her husband Daniel, Tena Stone (Bell) and her two kiddos, Nicole Cruise and her daughter, Katie Capon (Dobek) and her husband Reid with their two canine children, Angel Fain and her daughter Ashley, Kim Scott and her two children, Whitney Stearns (Thomas), Tim and their two boys, Travis Pavelek and his girlfriend, and the Deets....I hope that I didn't miss anyone...I felt that I was writing the beginning of the bible.

That night we went to the Frolic and Rodeo. Christen and I got their pretty early and didn't feel like going to the rodeo portion so we joined her little sister for the "pre-party." It made us feel VERY old, but we had a good time enjoying our peppermint patties. Becca is such a sweet sister to Christen and I enjoy hanging out with all their friends. The guys cracked us up because they purposely dressed up like fake cowboys for the Frolic. Christen and I made sure to take pictures because Kyle said to stay away from drunk cowboys.

A few others from our class joined us at the Frolic later than night. If I remember Charlie Rogers and his wife, Jacob Zollinger, Ryan Cole, Maren McGuire and her boyfriend Joe, Pepper Leslie, Brian Whipple, Trisha Clements, Gabe Iltis, and Nancy Drake were added to the other group. We had a good time kicking up some dirt as Traci would say. Christen and I couldn't let the night be complete without a picture with our "bodyguard" Jim. Overall it was a good event. Looking forward to the 20th. I might need 10 years before the next one!