Monday, July 27, 2009

Bronson: 19 Months old

Kyle and I realized tonight that Christmas is less than 5 months away, which means that our son turns 2 in 5 months also. It is crazy to think about; it seems that we just threw his first birthday. Bronson has been having an adventurous summer so far. We have lots of fun things planned for the month of August including our first camping trip, a trip to Redmond, and a weekend to Sunriver while he spends the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. I feel that we need the refresher to make us good parents and I know that he is being very well taken care of while we are away. I am really hoping that September will bring good news of a new job, but either way I am keeping faith that the Lord will open the right doors and we will all survive.

Bronson hasn't changed much in size since his last check up. I don't have his current stats, but we measured him last night and he was still the same height from last month. I heard that kids can take a significant slow of growth at this stage.

Bronson talks all of the time now, unless he is around a non-family member. His new favorite word is ball and he even speaks about them in his sleep at night. His favorite toy is a plastic bat and ball that I bought for him from the dollar store. I think I should probably go and get a couple more in case this one breaks. He searches for it right away in the morning and drags the bat with him everywhere. He is SUPER sports related and loves any and all things related to manly things. I guess his all time favorite activity is driving daddy's cars. We spent the afternoon at the Dallas Car Show yesterday and he was very entertained being able to try out all of the muscle cars.

Likes: Balls, Num-nums (sweets), babies, cars, Ni Ho Kai Lan, Yo Gabba Gabba, showers, walks at night, beach, french fries, talking or pretending to talk on the phone, electronics, helping out with household chores, utensils, visiting new places, and of course his parents.

Dislikes: Mommy leaving him anywhere, staying inside, being told No, the fact that he has 14 more years until he can legally drive, staying still for dinner, wearing clothes, and going on long car rides.

I love you baby boy, you continue to amaze us everyday!