Monday, July 20, 2009

Kyle Jr.

Driving the Corvette
Hey Mommy, look at me!

Mowing the lawn with daddy

Building a sandcastle

I have been calling Bronson "KJ" (Kyle Jr.) for awhile now. He loves his daddy and is happy as long as he is with him. Occasionally he does have some meltdowns. Friday was one of them. His number one is mommy right now. But the little boy looks just like his dad and acts like him too.

Bronson has been able to go on many adventures with his daddy lately. His new favorite pastime is helping daddy move the hot rods out of the garage. Kyle has created a way of driving the mustang while sitting in the passenger seat. Bronson loves it and begs all day for the, "CAR!" We have created a gearhead way before he is even 2.