Friday, July 3, 2009

Bronson: 18 Months

Kyle dressed them the same for my softball game

Eating Strawberries that he picked

This is Bronson's new favorite relaxing position

His favorite dinner, dipping french fries

Can you tell what Bronson wants?

Finally big enough to play with his chainsaw

His new bike

1st Corvette ride, June 10th

It is a few days late, but I have an excuse. Monday night both Kyle and Bronson starting throwing up and other than a few hours of quiet our house has been sick every since. I am praising God that I didn't' get this crud and that so far it seems to have been more then 12 hours since the last vomiting episode for either Kyle or Bronson. I hate when my two favorite guys are sick. We took Bronson to the doctor's today, so I have revised stats:

Weight: 21 pounds, 6 ounces 3% tile for non-adjusted age (lost some weight)
Height: 31 1/2 inches, 26 % tile for non-adjusted age (he might be taller than mommy)

Bronson loves: french fries, walks, cars, playing kitchen, ice cream, mommy, daddy, and family, did I mention CARS, going bye-bye, other children, and bananas, he also loves playing on the stairs

Bronson doesn't like: mommy leaving, staying inside all day, the word no, teething, sweet potatoes, long car rides (REDMOND), and long periods of time away from home

Bronson can now say: mom, dad, ball, bath, bed, night night, ya-ya, papa, night night, no, yes, cool, baba, baby, Ayden, dog, cookie, please, good boy, I love you, bye-bye, hi, hello, she she, nana, grandma, brush (for toothbrush) and other words that he copies when we say them (Most people don't believe us, because he won't say them around very many people)

He can sign: more, all done, eat, please, thank-you, I love you (his own version), ball

He now walks everywhere and loves to get into EVERYTHING!!! Kyle and I love this stage. He is changing almost hourly! It is amazing that today when he got measured I realized that his measurements are the opposites of his birth height. He was 13 1/2 inches tall when he was born and now 31 1/2. It just made me realize how much he has grown. Once again I will say, I love this little boy so much. He truly melts my heart!