Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bronson's 1st Trip to the Zoo

The boys on the elephant bike

The Deets Family
Daddy and Bronson on the train

Landen's girlfriend

We spent the day at the zoo yesterday with some great friends. We met up with Noah and his family and took Jim and Christen along for Bronson's 1st experience. We have decided that we probably won't take Bronson again until he is closer to 3, but he still had a great time. It was also nice for all of us to get to see Noah, Breazy, and Landen. Kyle and Noah were really close in grade school and our sons are only a year apart. Bronson wasn't really that interested in the animals, but loved watching Landen do stuff that was deemed BIG BOY. He demanded that we let him walk for pretty much the entire zoo route and decided to stay awake the entire day. We are still trying to get him back on a semi-schedule today. We think his favorite part was the train ride. My favorite memory was when I was showing him a big bear and all the sudden Bronson responded with, "Wow, a tree!" He loves trees and they seemed to be more interesting to him than the animals. Also, we found that because it was so hot many of the animals were hiding and we weren't able to see them. We did have a great time, but think Bronson will enjoy it better when he is older. For this trip, I did take pictures!