Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memories of a Parent

Don't you just love listening to members of your family tell stories about you when you were little that you don't remember? Especially stories about you when you were a baby. I have noticed that in the age of data that we become more and more accustomed to toting our cameras wherever we go. I also notice that I take a great deal of time taking pictures when Kyle and I take Bronson places. When I was little people still took a great deal of pictures of me (I was the 1st grandchild on my mom's side), yet a lot of the stories that my parents have told me do not have pictures to back up their stories.

On Friday night Kyle and I decided to take Bronson to the Dallas Aquatic Center. I had already taken him recently to play with Connor, but wanted daddy to see Bronson in action. I purposely left the camera at home so that I could just enjoy the experience and capture the memories in my heart rather than digitally. Kyle and I both had a great time with Bronson. We have spent the weekend replaying how much fun we had. I would have loved to have a picture of him floating down the lazy river in a inner-tube, but feel that the memory in my heart is all the more precious. Some memories between families should just stay that sentimental.