Friday, January 11, 2013

Bronson turns 5

For months leading up to Bronson's birthday he was adamant that he did not want a birthday party. He asked if we could go down to Yaya and Papa's house and have dinner and eat cupcakes. Rather than pushing him into having a party or stressing myself out I decided to grant his wish. At the beginning of December we attended my niece's 6th birthday and suddenly there was some appeal to having a birthday party; his friends and family could come and shower him with gifts and lots of attention. I explained that birthdays weren't just about gifts, but that if he wanted a party I would plan one. He then made sure to mention that he didn't want any kids at his party because they always break his stuff and mess-up his room. Last minute I decided to invite a few close family members and one of his friends to join us at Izzy's for a little dinner and celebration. He had a great time receiving his first $20 bill to put into his new wallet from Sheila along with a sled, PJ's, coat, and lots of neat toys!

On his actual birthday his Yaya brought him home from his overnight visit and we waited patiently for Papa to get off work. He wanted to just sit around and relax and we were happy to oblige. Once Yaya and Papa came over we had Mexican food at home (his request) and then finished with an adorable camo cake hand-made by Yaya. Bronson's biggest surprise was his own set of wheels that were parked in the garage. He was SO excited to see in person his dream gift in real life. He immediately pealed out of driveway and proceeded to pretend that he was giving us all tickets in a high speed chase. I say overall that Bronson's birthday was just what he wanted. Lots of love was showered on this kiddo.

His stats:

  • Stands over 45 inches tall
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Wears all 5T clothes
  • Can say ANYTHING! 
  • Loves anything Army, police, space, or science related.
  • LOVES dress up!
  • Favorite foods: pizza, chicken nuggets, and most of all McDonald's
  • Has several little phrases that he says over and over again:
    • Love you SO much!
    • Everything is gorgeous.
    • You are my best friend!
    • Can I do a science experiment?
  • Loves watching Jessie. I think we have seen all of the episodes at least 100 a dozen times.