Friday, February 18, 2011

Operation Facebook

I am like millions of other users of facebook and make nearly daily updates to my facebook page. I try as much as possible not to post things that would embarrass my son at later dates, but sometimes I can't help myself from posting things that really crack me up. This past week I posted an update about being woken up at 3am in the morning proceeded by an update that stated, "After thinking that we were raising a child with secret genius skills, Bronson decided to poop on the floor." This comment caused some major laughs and very funny comments. The very next day Bronson decided that he needed to make some life changes. His She She had talked to him about the importance of being a big boy and that big boys did not poop or pee in diapers. He left for school the next morning and stayed dry all day. When I came to pick him up he decided it was finally time to earn his remote control "helitalker" and poop in the toilet. He has been dry ever since including night time.

I asked Bronson if telling hundreds of people that he had pooped on the floor had embarrassed him and he appropriate 3 year old was response was, "I just leaked all over the floor." I guess that in my mind the putting it out there might have caused some prayers which led to Bronson's stubborn behavior about potty training turning a new leaf. Potty training has been the most stressful parenting task so far. Sometimes it feels easier to just change a diaper, but I am so excited for this new chapter in my life.

The night that Bronson earned his new "helitalker," he said some of the funniest things:
  • Mommy, do I just drive you crazy?
  • Mommy, you just made me laugh so hard. (After I crashed his plane.)
  • Good things are happening to me.
  • I am doing this for She She.
This kid says the funniest things to me. It might not be as funny out of context, but when you hear his sweet little voice say these things it just cracks me up. Last night we had our first outing since going dry and it was a big success. His only issue is that he refuses to use a public toilet to sit down. He requested that I drive him all the way back to Dallas so that he could use the toilet. He needs to get past this, but overall I am beyond proud of my very big boy!