Thursday, February 10, 2011

Babbles of Bronson

Recent conversations with Bronson:

After eating at the buffet and devouring several pieces of shrimp: "I am so tired of eating shrimp. I can't even eat one more."

Fashion advice: "Mommy don't wear your hair that way. I love it down and long."

Praise: "You are the best mommy. I am so happy that you wore your soft pants tonight." He also said that I was wearing pj's just like Uncle Ian on the Chipmunks. I have to admit they did look like his.

Referring to his friends at school: "All my kids were doing so good today. I had a good day too."

Listening to a conversation that Kyle and I were having about an upcoming party: "Mommy, babies don't shower. That is our shower. Don't put the baby in the shower."

His idea for the best day: "I just want to go home snuggle, have you change my diaper, and watch a movie." My response was what part of me changing your diaper makes this a good day. "I really have to poop and don't want to use the toilet." There goes the efforts of him being completely potty trained by 3.

Worst timing moment at the Superbowl party: As we all sat around explaining how much we dislike the bars and other establishments of Corvallis because of their raunchy and inappropriate behavior Bronson chimes in with perfect expression and eyebrows raised, "I want to go there." Soooo not good. He wrapped up this statement with telling us that when he grows up he wants to be just like Uncle Jim because he has really cool vacuums. I don't know why he associates Jim with vacuums, but apparently owning a Dyson makes you very cool.