Friday, March 27, 2009

Before I became a mommy...

I thought I would write down some random thoughts I was having. Some are not so serious, but many of these are some intense feelings of motherhood. I might even add more later.

Before I became his mommy…

  • I cared too much about what others thought of me.
  • I shopped too much for stupid things.
  • I didn’t truly realize what a broken heart felt like.
  • I spent more than 10 minutes getting ready to go somewhere.
  • My marriage was great, but we spent too much time doing our “own” things.
  • I didn’t concern myself over organic food and what went into each and every baby food product.
  • I didn’t even know what a perinatologist was, let alone what the inside of a NICU looked like.
  • I never imagined holding a 2 pound baby. I dreamed about the day I would give birth naturally and hold my baby directly afterwards.
  • I always said that my baby would never sleep with me. 15 months later, he still snuggles with us more nights than not.
  • My biggest fear was death. My new biggest fear is failure to bring Bronson up right. Once you have faced your fears; they seem to become smaller.
  • With worrying too much about what others thought, I never said no. I now regularly decline invitations to events that take too much time away from my family.
  • I have decided that it is better to have a quiet night at home that be bouncing around from place to place.
  • My house was ALWAYS clean.
  • I didn’t take as good of care of myself. I now have a mission to stay healthy to be able to raise my son.
  • I realize how important my family is. I love tradition and want to make tons of them to let Bronson know how much he is valued.
  • I wanted to be the most successful Criminal Justice professional around. I now strive to be the best mommy there ever was.
  • I looked too far into the future. I now take each day as it comes.
  • I didn’t appreciate the blessings I was given as much as I do now.
  • I never realized that everyday I would fall in love with my husband even more as he continued to fall in love with our son.