Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Beach Trip

Kyle and I both took a vacation day on Friday in order to visit family in Redmond, but plans got changed. The weatherman said that it was supposed to snow and we heard from our Uncle Rick that Grandpa is having some health problems. Please keep Grandpa Kerfoot in your prayers. We will hear tomorrow what the doctors decide to do. We really want to take our little guy over the mountain to visit family and hope that the opportunity comes sooner than later. Anyways, instead of sitting at home doing what we always do we all decided to go over to the beach. It was beautiful. It was also extra special because Bronson's 1st beach trip was shared with his grandma and grandpa. He loves them so much and they enjoy him beyond words.

He was such a trooper through out the day. We first went over to the outlet stores where Ann and I toured the Coach store. I was a very good girl and didn't purchase anything for myself. There were so many good deals, but now with my mommy budget I know my limits. Ann and I did buy a few things for Bronson, who is now set for summer clothes. The guys then told us that they needed to eat so we went to a restaurant that we have always had good results. This time was MUCH different. Kyle joked that they threw some frozen fish sticks in the deep fryer and charged us $14 a piece. It was pretty gross, especially paired up with the worst dirty diaper Bronson has had in a long time. He normally doesn't do his business in public, but I guess he thought it was that kind of place. It was a two man clean-up job!!!

After our disgusting dinner we stopped off at the beach next to Kylo's and took Bronson down for a walk on the beach. He was so funny. He wanted to get down right away. His eyes got so big and as soon as we took his shoes and socks off we couldn't get him out of the sand. He wasn't really into touching it with his fingers, but loved putting his toes in the sand. Kyle and Bill both took turns walking him out into the ocean and he also loved this. He even let go of his Papa's hands and took a couple steps to his daddy. It was a great 1st beach trip for Bronson. Unfortunately for him he passed out on the way to ice cream so he missed out on that portion of the trip. Maybe next time Monkey Man!!!