Thursday, February 12, 2009

Super Excited!!!

I am super excited for the following things. Some of them are more exciting than others, but still I am so excited.

1. Tomorrow is the day that my dear friend Summer finds out the gender of her next baby. Her son Ayden is Bronson's best friend. Our super good friends, Matt and Alex are having their 3rd boy in June and we couldn't be more happy for them.

2. I had my March of Dimes luncheon yesterday and it was the best small event that I have been to in a long time. Kimmy (our event coordinator) is a woman after my own heart. I am so excited to work with someone on a charity event that is so organized. The luncheon got me super pumped for the upcoming March for Babies. I even won a sweatshirt.

3. I am planning our 10 year class reunion. Our class president contacted me asked for help. I have a great group of girls that are helping me and I am sure that it should be a great event. I wasn't really sure if I would even go, but now I am looking forward to it.

4. Although my husband is sick, I am excited for this weekend. We have NO plans!!! Our only plan is to spend time with each other and maybe take our son out to lunch. He is loving food of all types right now, so we were thinking about Red Robin. (We have a gift certificate, another thing to be happy about.)

5. We finally found a family doctor in Dallas. This has been a prayer of ours for awhile. Kyle and I both wanted a more local doctor and we found one that just so happens to go to our Church. Two bonus points for this answered prayer. Thanks Mitch for the referral.

6. Bronson is getting so close to full-time walking. All of his new steps in life are making me so excited. Last night he had his first "fast-food" of a Quizno's sandwich. It might sound weird but it made me so happy to give him something like this. I guess that it validated the feeling that he is OKAY and SO STRONG!!!!!

7. Last, but not least. I am excited for the new Men's Bible Study at our church. Kyle is getting to go once a month to this event and it will give him a chance to reconnect with some of his friends that he doesn't get to see all of the time.