Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is one word that I can honestly say that I hate. It has touched my life so much that I have always sort of assumed that someday it would touch someone even closer. I have prepared myself that it may someday touch a parent, sister, or myself. Yet, I don't think that anything can prepare anyone for the moment that they hear that their mom or dad has cancer. Two of our dear friends are dealing with this battle right now and my heart breaks for them. One has asked for anonymous prayer at this time, but the other requests lots of prayer and so I will gladly add them to our blog so that our fellow friends and family can add them to their chains.

Please pray for our great friend, Paul Mortenson. He is the dad to our friend, John Mortenson. Last weekend we had a wonderful visit with all of the Mortenson's; including Genie, Heather, and Keith too. We love this family so much and ask that God provides healing for Paul's body and for his family member's hearts. Once again we are reminded that no one is without trials in this journey called life. I always try to remember that the word Cancer has the word CAN. God can and will provide healing with prayer. John, Heather, Genie, Laura, Nathan, Keith, and Taylor; we are praying a whole lot of love and healing your way.

For my other friend that needs to remain quiet right now, please know that God hears every word that you speak and that I am here for you too. I can't begin to put into words how you must feel right now. Please blogger friends and family add our friends to your prayers.