Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wonderful things coming my way...

Today the mail was full of wonderful surprises. Our dear friend, Snow sent us some beautiful hats to sell in our upcoming fundraiser. We were SUPER excited and Bronson decided to do a Little modeling of his own. I had to kindly remind him that Snow's hats are for other babies and his head is a bit too big, but oh well. I also finished a project that I have been thinking about since I began this fundraiser idea. I didn't end up exactly how I planned; but I think that it turned out well. To make a long story short I was going to make candles in baby food jars, but when I saw the price for all the candle making stuff I had to rethink the plan. My sister and I decided to dress up the jars a bit more and put votives in the bottom. Tell me what you think...


Dreamer said...

Hahaha! Broson, You are wonderful!

share123michelle said...

Amber my girl!! Congradulations on your new baby! Klye too, I'm very happy for you both, that's wounderful, you too have remained dedicated to each other for a long time. I loved the page, I'm glad I found it. It brought tears to my eyes, just like when you sang at our High School Graduation. It was just beautiful. 99' I'm sure that you're future will have so much happiness and joy, and he'll grow up stong, because he's got two loving parents beside him.
It's just amazing! It was great to see you again, and getting your flu shots! Got to stay healthy!! Got to eat your vegetables!! hahaha!!:') Just know that you're a strong girl with a wounderful spirit! You were always that way even in High School, such a long while ago.
I told you about how when I met my fiance, he was a father too. He had twins that had complications, and were born premies, and were in the Hospital and NICU, for 6 months, the smaller of the two, and he had to remain very stong, but it was with support, and staying together with his family, kept him on going, and them also. But they pulled through and made it, and they are healthy and lovely now. So cute! Thoes knitted hats looked cute, sorry to have missed a fundraiser for such a great thing. That sort of stuff I like to support. Ran into Summer at the Airport in Portland when I used to work out there. She so nice! But anyways, I'm glad you're well, and Klye, and the best to you!

Bye for now,
Sharon Marshall
Soon to be Sharon Michelle DeCoito
We took a great honeymooner trip to Hawaii, where he's from. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

To Dear Amber and Kyle Deets,

I'm just writing again...I just wanted to say you're an encouragement that is so beautiful. After coming to the page and reading more and I saw all of the story, and read you're loss I'm just here to say that I know you can do it, stay well. It bring tears to my eys, but it's really helpful, you know that from my heart, I think that you'll be a wounderful mommy, and strong, and fulling. I thank you!!!!!!!

I mean you've remainded dedicated and so strong though it all, I'm so happy that you shared, because after I ran into at safeway I felt like a sense of wellbeing having seen you and know that you're doing well, and up in spirits. I think things will work out, and this having seen this makes me want to try to work things out between my good man, Robbie!! :')

We sruggled with him, and his family with where his twin were they're living with his mother now, becuase of complications. God I wanted to be there to be caring, but that was alreday there, a home all that, and we had our own stuff going on, but it was like I wanted to have my house, faith, and marrige, and eventually a baby, that's why I came back down here to Philomath to take a break, and to do what I know that I should be asked of and working towards, and to be like I said always thinking towards the beautiful future.

Thank you for good job on this web page, after reading it and seeing more pics! It moved me so much. You Summer and Christen remaining near and close to each other all this time, don't give that away, you need each other. That is just so special to see, it may sound cheesy but it is, You've always got that support from your friends! And also I will pray. Good way to and to know that holds a very special place in your heart, and for your new son and the hearts of others. You are a beautiful girl, and wounderful family that's so true, and it shows, and through your new joy I'm sure that you'll hang in there. ALl of you! :') xoxoxoxo.

Bolg comment:
P.S. the shoes I was wearing when I ran into you at Safeway ;') I got at Payless shoes in Hawaii! Clogs with the Pink and white stripes. I got them before and for the day I took a day trip with Robert and we went on a horse back ride at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Ohau!!! It was fun. I keep you posted if we eventually get married and have a wedding, I always wanted all that stuff, and the better part just being with the people I love, and doing fun stuff aways, with a good spirit!

Sharon M.