Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kissed by an Angel

I started this blog to keep track of my babies. I have noticed lately that lots of my posts have maybe been a little too gloomy, hence the reason that I need to write about something super cute. Bronson has been amazing lately. He is changing so quickly and I am starting to have visions of him as toddler and beyond. Just months ago I was so worried about him all the time that I wouldn't allow myself to wish for the future. He is so amazing. His newest perfected trick is kissing. He has always leaned into my face and given what we call kisses, but lately he has become the best kisser in our family. He is constantly grabbing the sides of my face and laying one on me. This includes him making the big smacking sound accompanied by lots more of hugs and kisses. He is super affectionate. Kyle and I have so much fun going over all of his amazing tricks every night. No, we aren't comparing him to a puppy; we are just so proud.

We also noticed this week that Bronson is getting better every day with playing happily by himself. He is really into sitting down on the floor and playing with all of his toys. Kyle was noticing last night that he likes to play little games with himself. He will purposely hide toys from himself and then reach as far as possible to grab them again. It is way too much fun to watch.

Also, an exciting new item of news. BRONSON SLEEPS IN HIS OWN CRIB!!!! I decided after talking to one of our best friends, Heather, that it was time. Keith is almost 5 months old and is now sleeping in his own crib, so I decided to take the plunge. So far so good. It hasn't been every night, but it is so wonderful to know that he is able to be by himself at night. It makes me a little sad, but overall it is for the best. Afterall, he can't sleep in his cradle forever.