Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our little pumpkin

Bronson and Ayden eating Cheerios
The Deets' Family carving pumpkins

Too big to fit into the pumpkin

His feet stuck out the mouth

Our cute little pumpkin

He kind of liked this pose


He loved all the pumpkins

I am not that into the Halloween holiday, but I can't help but get into the pumpkin spirit. I love Fall and enjoy doing traditional things with my family. Kyle on the other hand loves Halloween, especially watching all the little children dressed up in their costumes. This weekend has been full of traditional happenings. Friday night Bronson had his best buddy, Ayden, come over and play. They had tons of fun, except for Bronson's hesitancy of letting Ayden touch him. Saturday we had family come up from Klamath Falls to visit and Auntie Christen came over to watch Bronson while we went to dinner. During the day we spent some time carving some pumpkins. I think Bronson ate more pumpkin that he should have, but oh well. Well, here is the pictures, can't write more at the moment, because Bronson is beckoning me from his crib...