Monday, November 25, 2013

My Happiness

Yesterday Kyle and I took Bronson on a quick trip to Woodburn to purchase shoes for our upcoming Disney trip. I seriously felt as if I was walking in a dream come true movie as my little family joined hands (with Bronson in the middle) and went in search of the "five-year-old store." My thoughts were confirmed when Bronson asked his daddy last night before bed if the entire day was just a dream because it was just so good. I am beginning to realize that despite all of the bad stuff or sad stuff that comes my way I am beyond blessed.

The look that Kyle and I exchanged as our little love bug held both of our hands was one of those looks that can't be explained with words. Our hearts are just overjoyed with our boy. Last night his sense of humor, imagination, and personality made my heart bubble over with happiness. I realized as I fell asleep last night that when I need a really good laugh or to be reminded that there is good in this world I just have to look over at the sweet little boy that calls me mama and know that my prayers have been answered.

Some Bronson funnies for the night:

(Arms around my neck and practically sitting on my lap in the booth at dinner:) Hey babe, wanna go on a date with me tomorrow? Hey mama, I wonder if you are wishing that I was your boyfriend because I look so cute with my flatbill. (No confidence needed for this boy).

Hey honey, wanna go see a competition with me tomorrow? When I asked him what type of competition we were going to see he responded that he wants to compete in scooter races. He then asked me if we could go clubbin' so that we could dance.

I have no idea where Bronson comes up with half of the stuff that he does, but I enjoy being a part of his imaginary world where he thinks that a flatbill makes him a teenager and gives him endless scenarios for dates. No worries...he won't be dating until he is 30. ;P